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Tilca Limited provides software consultancy, design, and implementation. Are you embarking on a new project, or do you want more from your existing software? Do you feel you ought to be in the cloud, or are you missing a mobile app? Based in Bristol in the South West of England, Tilca has the skills and experience to guide you and your organisation.

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Secure software is more important than ever. Right from the start of a project, Tilca can help you put in place the correct procedures and development culture, preventing harm to your company's customers and reputation.

Test Automation

Automated testing is at the heart of software quality. It is never too late to start adding tests to a piece of software. With Tilca's help, a good test suite will be a small investment that provides assurance to developers, managers, and other stakeholders.


The essence of software architecture is to balance simplicity with functionality. Underinvestment in architecture results in poor maintainability and difficulty scaling to large numbers of users. Conversely, over-engineering your architecture can slow down development and result in missed opportunities to provide valuable functionality. With a wealth of experience over many projects, Tilca will guide your decisions in this area.


With experience of full-stack software development from SQL through to Java through to HTML, Tilca can round out your development and test teams' skills.


Tilca speaks agile, with a Certified Scrum Master and more importantly, a track record of delivery of agile projects. Agile and Scrum take effort, and success depends on more than just post-it notes and standups. If you have an agile project that is not living up to expectations, contact Tilca for advice on turning things around.


Undoubtedly the decade's most important trend in software, the cloud means different things to different people. If you're considering moving to the cloud, Tilca will help you separate the hype from the HTTP, and weigh up the benefits in terms of reliability and cost.